73a1d36d b112 449c a571 40a9239e7ef7 copyDr. Casper H.A. van Leeuwen

Aquatic Ecologist studying species movement and species interactions in freshwater ecosystems. In my Junior Group we aim to understand how, why and when organisms move – and how their presence or absence affects aquatic food webs, populations and communities. We study phytoplankton, zooplankton, aquatic invertebrates, a wide range of plant species, fish and waterbirdsin the context of species interactions. We ask questions on both ecological and evolutionary timescales. Methods include field- and lab-based experiments, population genetic analyses, acoustic telemetry and advanced statistics. Welcome to my website! Please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Contact information: 
Van Leeuwen Junior Group
Department of Aquatic Ecology, Netherlands Institute of Ecology, The Netherlands 
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ResearcherID: B-9166-2012
ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0003-2833-7775

Latest news

Jan 2021 - Two new publications accepted on seed dispersal, one on gulls and one on fish!
Nov 2020 - Presented my view on the role of piscivorous birds as connectors of ecosystems at annual birding event "Landelijke dag SOVON"
Sept 2020 - Finished our fish larvae sampling campaign at the Marker Wadden
July 2020 - Our fish research at the Marker Wadden featuring in the Dutch newspaper NRC
Apr 2020 - Succesfully equipped 90 fish with acoustic transmitters at Marker Wadden to study their habitat selection!
Mar 2020 - Three new publications accepted, in Journal of Ecology, Oikos and Scientific Reports.
Feb 2020 - Our Ebook with 14 new papers on Animal-mediated dispersal in understudied systems is available online now
Feb 2020 - New paper on interactive effects of temperature rise and nutrient enrichment on aquatic plants!
Jan 2020 - Editorial paper published for our Special Issue on "Animal-mediated dispersal in understudied systems", in which we identify seven key lessons in 14 new publications on zoochory.
Dec 2019 - New paper accepted on biovectoring by gulls, in collaboration with Victor Martin, Andy Green and others at Doñana Biological Station.
Nov 2019 - Presenting the first results of the fish work on Marker Wadden at the RAVON annual day.
Oct 2019 - Excited to welcome two new MSc students working on respectively fish and zooplankton to the group.
Sept 2019 - Showing Vroege Vogels television our research on Marker Wadden! Watch the result here online.
Aug 2019 - Enjoying field days at Marker Wadden, see more at www.markerwaddenresearch.com
June 2019 - Successful defense of co-supervised PhD student Antonella Petruzzella on biotic resistance to invasive species
April 2019 - Seed dispersal symposium at NIOO-KNAW, see program here.