73a1d36d b112 449c a571 40a9239e7ef7 copyDr. Casper H.A. van Leeuwen

Aquatic Ecologist studying interactions of species with their biotic and abiotic environment in wetland ecosystems. I integratively study all trophic levels of wetland food webs, ranging from plants to zooplankton and fish to birds. My work contributes science-based knowledge with the aim to mitigate human impacts on natural systems.

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Contact information: 
Department of Aquatic Ecology, Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW), The Netherlands 
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ResearcherID: B-9166-2012

ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0003-2833-7775

Latest news

  • Sept 2023 - New publications in Science of the Total Environment on restoration project Marker Wadden and in Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment on seed dispersal by greylag geese in Sweden
  • Aug 2023 - New publications on habitat restoration for fish in Movement Ecology and non-native species in Freshwater Biology
  • Jul 2023 - Our pikeperch reseach at Marker Wadden on Vroege Vogels Radio 1!
  • May 2023 - Our research on large-scale habitat restoration featuring in a Nature feature article
  • Mar 2023 - An item about our work on simulating avian digestion on Vroege Vogels Radio
  • Feb 2023 - New review published in Freshwater Biology (including cover image!) on dispersal by waterbirds
  • Jan 2023 - Our latest publication on simulating avian digestion in the news!
  • Dec 2022 - New publication in Ecography that provides mechnistic explanations for seed dispersal by waterbirds
  • Sept 2022 - Our publication became "Editors Choice" and our cover picture at Oikos this month!
  • June 2022 - New publication on unifying research on seed dispersal across plant-animal interactions
  • April 2022 - New publication on the effects on wind on shallow lake ecosystems
  • Jan 2022 - Article in Dutch journal "De Levende Natuur" on the Marker Wadden restoration project
  • Dec 2021 - Successful PhD defense of Hui Jin on restoring aquatic food webs by improving trophic transfer
  • Nov 2021 - New publication on vegetation establishement in newly created wetlands
  • Sep 2021 - New publication outlining an innovative way to restore ecosystems, illustrated by the Marker Wadden project
  • Aug 2021 - Our research featuring in the Dutch evening news